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Vision of our Diocesan Ministry in the field Education  Madras - Mylapore Archdiocese.

The Catholic schools and colleges are an important  part of the apostolic mission of the Church in building the Kingdom of God. To ensure greater effectiveness in accomplishing the mission, the Catholic education institutions of the Madras - Mylapore Archdiocese have corns together and formulated the following vision statements would give them a common orientation and strengthen the solidarity in their common ministry.
If the apostolic mission of building God's Kingdom on earth is to be successfully accomplished, Catholic education should first and foremost be faith inspired. Faith formation which is the promotion of a living and personal relationship between the human person and God should be the primary concern of all schools and colleges. They have in this regard a special obligation towards Catholics, which should be reflected in the recruitment of staff, admission policies and the social concern for the economically and academically weak. Special training is to be given to Catholic students to make them actively participate in the life of the Church.
Catholic educational institutions should encourage all students to practise actively their love for God through a right value system. They should aim at the total development of everyone of their students and form him or her more and more unto God's image and likeness. The promotion of justice being an integral part of faith, Catholic schools and colleges should strive to shape students into agents of social change, who will establish in our country a new society based on justice, truth and love. This concern for justicQ should be actualised in our preferential option for the poor and in our policies and programmes for the promotion of human dignity and human rights.
Catholic education is a common mission by God to the whole academic community and Lay and Religious are therefore called to be active partners in this mission through the sharing of a common vision, involvement in decision making and participation In administrative responsibilities.
The schools and colleges of our Archdiocese should integrate this common vision into their policies and programmes and make Catholic education an integral part of "the mandate the Church received from her divine Founder to announce the mystery of salvation to all, men and women to renew all things in Christ"

(Vatican II, Declaration on Christian Education)

DON BOSCO MATRICULATION SCHOOL is one of the constituent schools in the corporate management of Madras - Mylapore Archdiocesan Society and the Parish Priest of St. Joseph's Church, Erukanchery, is the Correspondent of the school.

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